Mowing & trimming

green push mower and grass

We are equipped to mow properties that are 1/2 acre (~22,000 sq.ft) and larger starting at $80.

Core aeration

core aeration

Like our mowing services, core aeration using the equipment we have, is suited to larger properties, that is over 1/2 acre. We will aerate your lawn starting at $100.

Fertilize & Weed control

red broadcast spreader

We can treat any size lot, if you have grass we can work with you on a plan to control weeds and fertilize to create a healthy environment for growing thick, lush, green grass. We are licensed to spray and broadcast herbicides and will determine the best course of action after meeting with you. The costs are based on materials and labor.

Spring/Fall clean-up

autumn leaves on ground

Fall clean-up is not necessarily preparing your lawn for winter, although having leaves, sticks and clippings on your lawn when the snow flies is not helping it. In reality fall clean-up is preparing your lawn for spring and the next growing season. For larger lawns (greater than 1/2 acre) we mow the lawn and leaves, mulching it all into very small pieces that will decompose over the next few months. Finally, we trim the yard and edge the walks and driveway. Lawns should also be treated for weeds and fertilized at this time and finally core aeration. This is a multiple day process, but will prepare your lawn for spring.

If the fall clean-up was done well, spring clean-up is simply removing sticks and branches that have fallen and removing any remaining leaves. Now is a good time to catch up on weed control and fertilization. Ideally, it should be done before winter, but early spring can still be cold, too cold for dandelions to germinate. According to “The seed of a dandelion […] will begin to germinate (grow) right on top of the soil’s surface. Germination is more likely to happen if the soil is moist and has a temperature near 77 degrees F; however, seeds can still grow in soil temperatures as low as 50 degrees F.” Source

We will need to meet with you to provide a quote.

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