green push mower and grass

Mowing & trimming

We are equipped to mow properties that are 1/2 acre and larger starting at $60.

autumn leaves on ground

Fall clean-up

Preparing your lawn for winter, nay, spring, means dealing with fallen leaves (we like to mulch them into tiny pieces that can decompose much quicker), cut the grass short and trim. Lawns should also be treated for weeds and fertilized at this time and finally core aeration. This is a multiple day process, but will prepare your lawn for spring.

Core aeration

Like our mowing services, core aeration using the equipment we have, is suited to larger properties. We will aerate your lawn starting at $80.

core aeration

Fertilize & Weed control

We can treat any size lot, if you have grass we can spread fertilizer or whatever your lawn needs to create a healthy environment for it. If you have weeds we can treat them. Quotes for both are time plus material.

red broadcast spreader

Do you need a quote?

It's not easy, nor is it quick, but a beautiful lawn can be in your future. We'd be happy to meet with you and provide a free quote.