June 3, 2017

Rain and mowing

Rain is essential for gardens, bushes, trees, animals and of course, grass. Rain and dew leaves the grass wet and most people won’t attempt to mow their lawn when it’s wet. Can you cut grass when it’s wet? Should you cut grass when it’s wet? Ideally, if you can let it dry that’s the best scenario, but ideal doesn’t describe the lawn care business. It seems that mowing your lawn when the grass was wet was discouraged mostly because many home owners only had a push mower which meant mowing hills and ditches had an element of danger. Danger? Sure! If you slip on the incline and your foot went under the mower, well, I’m sure you can imagine. Push mowers now have a bar that acts as a dead man’s switch to kill the mower’s engine if you let go. Even so, you could potentially hold that bar and still slide a foot under the mower.
Do we mow when it’s wet or raining? We have and as long as the grass isn’t overly long it works out well. Having said that, the prospect of hills comes into play on our properties and frankly it is dangerous because your wheels lose traction and if you slide into something you run the risk of getting injured or damaging something and/or your mower.
It is important to always have sharp blades, but especially when the grass is wet. So for me, the bottom line is that it’s not a great idea to mow in the rain or with dew on the ground, but you hafta do what ya hafta do.

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