Eco-friendly Waterproof Organic Fertilizer Bag Garden Leave Bag


Color:Green;Size:45 x 80 cm

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1.Uses of compost: it can be used to grow vegetables, flowers, cuttings, etc., make compost, do not need to buy soil and organic fertilizer, source control is good, after the soil is activated, the plants grow more lush.
2.Scientific design: The single port is convenient and quick to take the fertilizer, the zipper seal accelerates the fermentation and decomposition, the strong and durable webbing handle is convenient to move the compost bag, the Velcro is easy to check the fermentation process, and the operation is c
3.Fast fermentation, good quality, suitable for organic food waste leaf vegetable peels and food, weeds, leaves, vegetable leaves and other materials to be fermented into compost for later use, fermentation time 2-3 months .
4.Ideal for collecting weeds, grass clippings, other types of yard waste or even toys or laundry off the clothesline
5.The base won’t tear even if the container is dragged over rough terrain


It’s in the Bag – Easy Ways to Clean Up Weeds and Yard Waste

Drain holes in the base prevent water from pooling
Folds to 3.5" for space-saving storageInternal spring pops it up for use

Sturdy handles provide comfortable carrying and unloading

Tear- and mildew-resistant vinyl-coated polyester construction provides durability and easy cleaning

Capacity: 30 gallons

Dimensions: 2.5L x 23.5W x 23.0H

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