June 3, 2017

People who’ve inspired this blog

In our journey called life people come and go and some are a mainstay. There are also others that come into our lives through books, video, podcasts, seminars, and so forth. Many of the people in our lives may have an impact from time to time but there are those who have inspired us to actually do something and not just listen. It’s great to be learning but we need to do something with that learning, act on it. So, here I am writing the third blog post because it was time to act – get this website done and published and start blogging. Oh, the blog isn’t the primary purpose of this website, but it is meant to provide my thoughts about our lawn care business, and what we do to make our lawns beautiful. An adjunct purpose was to develop the website as I have started a freelance web development business. Talk about two very diverse businesses.
So, who inspired this blog. I’d have to say that my wife would be my biggest cheerleader, giving me plenty of time to work on this site and give me advice on time management and space utilization for my office. Thank you!!
The next one I discovered when learning about some new web development “tools” and that would be Brad Hussey. He is training about 30 or so freelancers and one of the pieces of advice was to just get a site out there. Well, he was talking about our web design site, but I needed a portfolio to add to it, so this is one portfolio piece. Thanks Brad!
The other one is Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. I really don’t recall how I found him, but I’ve been binge listening to all of his podcasts catching up from episode 1. One of the things I’ve heard him say and many of his guests – you have to act at some point, you won’t get anywhere by only learning. So, here I am putting into action the things I want to do.
Now you go out there and get going, you can do it!

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