June 16, 2017

Keep the tools clean and the blades sharp!

Proper maintenance and storage of your garden equipment is a must. If you leave your shovel or rake outside in the weather or store it with debris, especially wet debris, your tool will rust. A rusty or corroded shovel isn’t nearly as effective as one that is shiny and smooth. That smooth surface is meant to allow your shovel to easily penetrate the dirt and then release it into your wheelbarrow. Likewise, if your mower blades aren’t sharp you’re just ripping the blades of grass and that can be an invitation to disease. Also, if you’re merely ripping the tops off the grass, then when it dries, you’ll have a washed out look to the lawn as the tips turn that dry tan.
A nice shed or garage is a good place for your tools when they’re not in use and learning to sharpen your blades is the path to a beautiful lawn.

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