legs and lawn

As you may have realized we have a small business focused on caring for lawns. If we were just cutting grass and killing some weeds, I’m afraid we’d not have kept doing this. Yes, there’s a monetary benefit, but seriously when the mowing is done and the edging complete, the air smells better (allergies notwithstanding <sigh> ;), the lawn looks amazing with it’s stripes and uniform height. Beautimous!

So, what does it take to go from a lawn with bare spots, weeds, and brown patches to one with few weeds, a uniform color and coverage. The goal is to develop a healthy lawn that will squeeze out most weeds on its own, promotes reproduction to maintain good coverage and good chemistry to grow deep roots and develop a rich green color.

What you don’t want to find yourself doing is loading your lawn up with a lot of fertilizer and pesticides. Yes, you do need to use them because the soil changes, weed seed is spread by nature and some grass won’t survive a brutal winter or scorching summer. You need to use them wisely and purposefully as overuse of herbicides can cause weeds to develop resistance and force you to spread even more. Regarding fertilization, if you spread too much you risk burning out areas of your lawn creating brown areas that could last for a couple seasons, also, over-fertilization can make the grass grow so fast that you find it challenging to keep up with mowing.

So much to consider. Well, that’s kind of true, but really it just hygene for the lawn. We’re talking about grooming, you know, “take a little off the top” and feeding, so “don’t call me late to dinner.” Really though, you don’t want to be late when feeding your lawn. If you apply it too late in the season you risk burning out your lawn because it also needs to drink with the meal and in the dog days of summer, there’s usually not much in the way of water or rain.

A healthy lawn can be yours with proper care at the right time. We trust you’ll be encouraged by this blog and that a beautiful green lawn is in your future.

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