November 4, 2017

Fertilization, aeration and the end of the season


Right now is a great time to aerate and put fertilizationdown fertilizer. Milorganite is great as well as other “winterizer” type fertilizers. Fertilization can be done by the homeowner. By using milorganite your remove the risk of burning your lawn. It’s really a great way to fertilize your lawn. Fertilization at this time can also involve putting down various weed killers. This allows you to get a jump on weed control before spring. Don’t lose sight of the fact that a healthy vibrant lawn is one of the best ways to prevent weeds. If the lawn is thick and healthy weeds don’t have a place to grow and thrive. Just like you and me, grass needs to be fed, that’s why we do fertilization. You can shop Home Depot for the right fertilizer by clicking here (an affiliate link) Late Night Shoping? Buy Online, Pick Up In Store . Here’s a great video by “Grass Daddy” I’ve been watching his videos and while he’s in Rhode Island (we’re in Wisconsin) many of the principles apply equally as well.

Aeration – core aeration

It’s also a great time to aerate your lawn. Aeration is great to break up compacted soil and allow water, air and nutrients an easier path to the roots of your lawn and promotes new growth.core aeration

Wrapping up the season

It was a really great season for Green Meadow Lawn Care. The bottom line was good and we served more customers this year than ever before. So thankful for the opportunity to aerate more lawns and even re-seed/over-seed a lawn as well. Thank you! Have a great winter!

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