About Larry and Susan

Our Story

Green Meadow Lawn Care got its start in 2013. Our story starts when we took over a contract at a local church and began caring for that large property. In the years that followed we added core aeration, fertilization and weed control. We are a family owned and operated business. Since Susan is the primary manager and knows the properties well, we have applied to the State of Wisconsin to be Certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE).

Our business model is pretty simple, we will provide mowing, trimming, core aeration, weed control and fertilization to businesses and home owners who have 1/2 acre of lawn tor more. We would love to add several larger properties of 1 acre or more to fill some down time we have with our equipment. If you have a property with an acre or more of actual lawn, we would love to measure and evaluate the property and then provide a free quote (shouldn’t quotes always be free?). Click here to request a quote.

Our approach

It is our desire to mow your lawn, trim, eradicate weeds and create an environment that promotes the lush healthy lawn that you desire and will enjoy. We love it when our own lawn is green and thick with few weeds disrupting it and we believe you desire that too.

By growing a healthy lawn you’re creating a habitat that helps prevent weeds from thriving. Proper fertilization provides enough food to give the grass the rich green color we like and helps the roots grow deep and strong. Weeds will creep in even though the grass is thick and thriving because of the wind, birds, deer, etc. and that’s when the use of selective herbicides is necessary.

So, it’s never really finished, it’s just like the many tasks we have around our dwelling, dishes, laundry, making the bed, brushing our teeth, well, you get the idea. Left to themselves many of these things, the lawn included, will only degrade and require a significant effort to bring them back. The key is to keep at it regularly so you have clean clothes and dishes, and a beautiful green lawn.

Want to know more about what we can do?

Whether you need mowing and trimming, aeration, fertilization or weed control, we’d love to swing by, measure, and provide a free quote.

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